About Us

Figlia, Figliarina, Sorores and Shubizz are brands of Charter International Inc. Since 1998, Charter International Inc. has been part of the Celine Group of Companies. 




Figlia, derived from the Latin word which means "daughter", is the premier ladies fashion shoe label in the Philippines today. It started in 1986 from a family of Marikina artisans handcrafting ladies shoes. The label has been associated with outstanding design and workmanship and is available in all SM Stores nationwide! 


Figliarina are sophisticated and chic day to night shoes and sandals using the best materials. Quality, fit and fashionable are the best characters of these fashion forward collections. These shoes come with color and material matched with Figliarina bags!



Sorores shoes offer the best selection of the most fashionable and most technically-advanced comfort shoes available. Most of the shoes are made of layers of foam and pads which provide total comfort to feet! You can expect authentic blissful comfort from every Sorores shoes you find in today's style.

Fashionable shoes can be comfortable too! Make your feet happy and healthy with a great pair of Sorores shoes!


Shubizz shoes are very exciting, playful and fun footwear! The design is very much colorful and active.

With styles that sometimes look like they're straight off the catwalk, Shubizz surely makes fabulous fashion footwear for every season and reason so accessible that inspires one to look amazing!